Our aim is to ensure that you have as comfortable of a stay as you possibly can. We want you and your guests to create lasting memories during your stay in our apartment.


Fire extinguisher: is located under the kitchen sink and an additional extinguisher is located at the landing at the top of each staircase.

Fire alarm: is hardwired in the unit. An additional hearing-impaired smoke detector is available upon request.

Emergency exit: Exit to the north or south stairwell in an orderly fashion.


We would really appreciate if you could follow the below rules. We know rules are boring... but these rules ensure we can provide future guests with a great experience as well.

Security - Stairwell doors are always to remain shut. They will lock upon shutting if the key was pulled out properly. All common areas are under surveillance for the protection of our guests.

Kitchen - Help yourself to anything in the kitchen. We supply a semi stocked kitchen with seasonings, coffee, creamer, paper towels as well as cooking utensils & pots and pans should you with to cook. Our only request is that you wash all dishes and utensils prior to leaving.

Pets - We do currently accept pets at our property, but we do have a few rules to follow. We are animal lovers ourselves and absolutely adore pets, especially dogs. But sadly, some guests are allergic to animal hair and it can have disastrous consequences. Please keep pets off furniture & keep rug vacuumed.

Air Conditioning & Heating - The apartment has a thermostat located in the living room/ kitchen, the air handler is in the closet between the kitchen and bathroom. This closet remains locked.

Noise - As neighbors are closely located at this property, we would appreciate if you could keep noise down after 9pm.

Laundry - There is a laundry with washer and dryer available for you to use. You will need to provide your own washing detergents. The Laundry Room is coin operated and is located at the rear of the building to the left. You should have 2 small keys to access the laundry room. Please turn lights off when you shut the door.

Trash - The trash cans are located on the back left of the building. They go out front on Monday and Thursday nights between the handicap parking spot and the building. Recycling goes out Tuesday nights.

Furniture - Please do not leave any wet or damp items like towels on furniture.

Check Out Instructions


  • Wipe down tub and shower
  • Clean out fridge
  • Discard any food items you may have brought
  • Wash all dishes and leave out to dry
  • Wipe down counters
  • Please sweep entire apartment
  • Vacuum rug and empty vacuum canister in trash
  • Take out trash

A/C - Turn to 78 degrees

Lights & Electronics - Turn off TV’s and all lights

Your Belongings - check all cabinets and drawers to ensure you did not leave anything behind

Keys - please lock door and place keys back in lock box downstairs next to front stairwell door

Let us know - send a message to Kenny to let us know that you are checking out. Let us know how we did and how you enjoyed your stay.